Entering the Blogosphere

Bell rings and I walk out of school (ok, 1 hour after the bell). The sun hits my face and I can hear the chips and margaritas calling my name! Margaritas come in all sorts of different flavors. I love me a mango margarita, or those swirly ones. My favorite restaurant has this to-die-for Pineapple Jalapeno margarita. But I’ve always been a classic type of girl.
My classic classroom, er, I mean margarita is not usually sweet and definitely rimmed with salt (sweat, tears, whatever). But it’s good. It’s so good that I keep coming back for more. And always better when shared with friends (hello, teaching buddy!).
I’ve loved every second of teaching First Grade for the past 4 years. Reading is life. I knew when I started teaching that I wanted to help build a solid reading foundation for students to grow on in the years to come.
These are not even HALF of the books I accumulated in 4 years! But of course we got to shake things up (shaken, not stirred, right?). So Fourth Grade here I come! It’ll be an adventure and extra salty. Let’s be honest, you kind of miss it when a bartender forgets to salt the rim. I’m excited and super nervous about reaching the next level in reading and writing with my former students (they better still know how to read). I’m also excited and super nervous about sharing all I’ve learned, am learning, and will learn with y’all! But here we go!

Love Me Some Bloglovin’

Ding. You’ve got mail.

Ding. You’ve got mail.

Ding. You’ve got mail.

Receiving e-mail is super exciting, right!? Except for when it’s spam, ads for that on-line site you’re currently grounded from, and over-frequent blog newsletters. I love using Bloglovin’ to follow hoards of teacher blogs. Ain’t nobody got time to sift through a newsletter from every single teacher blog every single day.

For that reason, you can now …

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Bonus: I can promise you will not receive an e-mail from me every day (unless you sign up for my newsletter, in which case … no still no daily e-mails. Who is even that on top of things?!)

Summer Reading List

“What did you read on your cruise? Is there, like, a favorite book you took to read?”

Uuuuuhhhhh …

Hello, I’m a soon-to-be 4th grade teacher and I read children’s books! But not the cutesy little ones … the in between, angsty, coming of age, but not really maturing yet ones.

I’ve been taking screenshots of books to read all summer long (thanks IG and Pinterest!) and just now started working through my list. Something tells me in a few months I will have a better feel for what my 4th grade students enjoy, but for now here’s where I stand.

Girl Who Drank the Moon – Beautiful story! Also, so slow. I can’t imagine a 9 year old reading through all that background to only get a few chapters of action at the end. I’d only recommend this to a higher reader who specifically loves this genre.

Hatchet – Despite being exactly as old as I am, this was a new one to me. I’m in love. The non-stop episodes of survival make it easy to use for teaching how to have a growth mindset. My teaching buddy and I are already planning to do a novel study with this.

The Graveyard Book – Is this 4th grade appropriate? I already adored this book so I chose to read it again and see how I’d feel about recommending it to my students. Neil Gaiman is so extraordinary, and there is a lot of history that will blow over most of my students’ heads. I think I’ll do a read aloud with this so we can explore all the vocab and history and subtle detail he puts into this book.

Crossover – Where’s the emoji of my jaw dropping? I found it impossible to read slowly, as most of the poetry is upbeat and intense. Free verse is one of my personal favorite ways to write. This especially stood out as a way to show students how one can tell a powerful, moving narrative in a non-traditional way.

Also on my list …. Holes, Brown Girl Dreaming, The Red Pencil, Amina’s Voice, Number the Stars, and Towers Falling.

What else should I be reading? What are some beautiful, moving books that I need to have in my library and introduce these kiddos to?